Different wallpapers for multiple monitors in Windows 10

different backgrounds on dual monitors

In this very easy guide you will learn on how easily and quickly set up different wallpapers on multiple monitors, and it doesn’t matter if it’s 2, 3, 4 monitors or even more.

The Steps

1. Move the wallpapers you want to use to the same folder, it can be anywhere, they just need to be together, you can even use the desktop if you want to.

example for 2 wallpapers in same folder

2. Select the wallpapers you want to use by holding the Ctrl key and clicking the wallpapers you’ve selected.
If you have 2 monitors then select 2 wallpapers, if 3 monitors then 3 wallpapers and so on.

selected wallpapers 2 images

3. Once the wallpapers are selected, right click them and select “Set as desktop background”.

set as desktop background 2 monitors windows 10

4. The multiple wallpapers are not set and should be working.
if you want to switch between the monitors and change the order of wallpapers, click right click on your desktop, you will now have an option to choose called “Next desktop background”, click on it.

next desktop background right click

That’s all to it, you are done and you know everything, Huzzah!

Having problems?

If you have any issues seeing the new wallpapers on your desktop or there is a flashing of the screens changing between monitors with no reason, then that means you have some settings problem.

Solving this issue:

1. Right click the Start icon and select “Run” or search run in the search option.

using run right click or search

2. At the “Run” windows, type (or copy form here): control /name Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper
(spaces are important so don’t cast them out). now click “OK”.

run window with command

3. Now at the windows that opened up, click the option arrow under “Picture position:”
and choose Fill, Fit, Stretch or Center. setting it has Tile or Span will cause you to only see one image on all monitors.

settings page wallpaper windows 10

4. Click “Clear all” at the top of the same window, this will stop the cycling of the wallpapers in case any.

clear all button background settings

Hoped you enjoy reading and got everything sorted out and working 100%, if not, drop us a line by email and the help will be on it’s way.