Some answers to various questions.

Is there any software needs in order to use a wallpaper from your site?

No. simple as that, all the wallpapers on the site are merely big pictures in high resolution and great quality you can set as a background for any type of computer with your operating system of choice such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux and so on. the wallpapers can also be used on any mobile device: Apple, Android, Windows phone and any other device.

Why is it called "lawallpapers"?

la in French means “The”, so it’s basically “The Wallpapers”. I chose this name as I have French roots and it seemed appropriate.

I have wallpapers I have created, can I have it on your site?

Sure! the more the merrier. Just let us know by email and we would love to collaborate with you.

Can I use these wallpapers on my website?

You can use every wallpaper as a picture or in any of your designs freely, we only ask that you link back to the page where you found the image as the source.

I found a wallpaper I made and I want it removed. what can I do?

First of all, we ask you to share your work with others who just want to use the wallpaper for their personal use and stop being so protective of your work (:

But, if it bothers you still and you want us to remove it, drop us a line over the email and we will help you get your wish.

I didn't find an answer for what I have in mind, can you help me?

Sure! ask us over in an email and we will be happy to reply with an answer. we can also add your question here so in future others can see the answer. head over to the Contact page.