Setting a wallpaper with Windows 10

Setting your own wallpaper with Windows 10 is a piece of cake!

There are 2 common and easy ways to do this, I will show you both.

I understand you might have a different language set on your Windows, but let’s do it using English and it will be the same way for every other language.

Let’s walk though this together, with screen shots so you would not miss a thing.

The “Longer” way

1. Right click with your mouse on the desktop and click “Personalize”.

this is what you will see if you right click on your desktop with windows 10

2. Click “Browse” and get to the image on your computer.

the broswe option and choose a fit in the windows 10 setting window

You are done, there is no more to it really. however on the same windows containing the “Browse” option you can also “Choose a fit” and set the wallpaper to fit differently and the way you like it on the screen (you can see the option in the screenshot with the green arrow).

The “Faster” way

1. Right click on the wallpaper you want and press “Set as desktop background”.

setting a wallpaper as dekstop background in windows 10 easy method

And you are done, there is no step 2 to this method, it’s a very quick and effective way to get this done, not that the longer way it so much longer (:

I hope you enjoyed reading and learned something out of it.